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Does anybody understand what the bots are talking about? Cute Aggression Cute Aggression
Some questions on uploading and tagging page 2 EasyDeibu EasyV
Questions on premature yukkuri. Cute Aggression boom
I feel that the yukkuri in general are quite easy to cry Cute Aggression JusticeItEasy
So, what's usually made you want to put translation on post? excalivern EasyV
Hosting Issues EasyDeibu poweryoga
Cuteness aggression. Cute Aggression Spring.wateR
I think that House yu need more attention. Cute Aggression saline
I noticed that most of the time, dead yukkuri appear to have intensively vomitted bean paste before their final breath Cute Aggression Ruukasu
I had a wild dream with a koyukkuri. Cute Aggression Cute Aggression
Let's theorize what would happen if you only feed a Yukkuri it's old bean paste wihout it knowing it! JusticeItEasy EasyDeibu
I am looking for yukkuri drawings that are sufferingly CYUTE!! Cute Aggression Ruukasu
Trying to find a comic TakeItHard Nitro
Experiment & text stories EasyV EasyV
I don't see poweryoga senpai very often. Cute Aggression excalivern
Wasa reimu is a defect, just like pugs and Scottish folds. Cute Aggression EasyV
What is your view on the legendary "True Happiness" by Kiriraitaa? Cute Aggression Canttakeiteasy
I cannot acces to poweryoga senpai's user page. Cute Aggression poweryoga
Simyukkuri Ideas :'D page 12 Yandere Canttakeiteasy
Blacklisting comments? Yuno poweryoga
Are the yukkuri "copyrighted"? Cute Aggression EasyV
Is it okay if I created an entirely new yukkuri species that flipped the bird with established canon and rules? Cute Aggression captperv
Trying to remember a story page 2 excalivern Hitosura
How would you treat yukkuri if they couldn't speak human language? Cute Aggression captperv
Man, I wish yukkuri were real so HARD!! Cute Aggression poweryoga
Blob abuse Cute Aggression poweryoga
Why manjuu and not mochi or any other pastries? Cute Aggression poweryoga
Family Friendly and Touhou References EasyV EasyV
I'm looking for quality yukkuri abuse like Kiriraitaa's. Cute Aggression EasyV
What is the deal with "small yukkuri" tag? Cute Aggression Canttakeiteasy
Dealing with yukkuri's stubbornness (maybe even mentality) Cute Aggression Cute Aggression
I noticed that Countryball is way cuter than yukkuri. Cute Aggression Hitosura
House yu tag? Cute Aggression poweryoga
Something very very very similar to Yukkuri Cute Aggression boom
Old Yukkurarium Game Bystander cosmicapprentice
Maricha Game page 21 Yandere SomeRandomRick
Marisa Game Translation Project Reboot page 12 Bystander SomeRandomRick
Looking for a story cosmicapprentice Anonymaus
Looking for people with lots of free times for uploading comics EasyV Ruukasu
Brain pulled a fast one on me... excalivern EasyV