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Topic: Dosu! Dosu! (poweryoga)

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A certain someone on mister Discord wants to know if dosu can let them take it easy in our easy place, da ze!

Updated by Hitosura

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  • Akagi

    Registration forum's open for two seconds, and there's already another flood of bots doing their home declaration. I guess it's because all of the real humans are gone-gone at the moment.

    Thanks for letting me in, and sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • Hitosura

    Okay, dosu! Close up registration forum easy! Thank you, easy!

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  • BaronMind

    Dosu! Dosu! Gimme the news, I got a-

    *notices new user*
    *record scratch*

    Take it easy mister/miss Akagi! Cirno is not tasty and doesn't have any bauxite the strongest! Welcome to OYP!

    Uneasy mister spambots are uneasy and scum and should all drop dead easy so easy newcomers don't have to ask dosu to take down mister barrier anymore. Right now is okay! Puff!

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  • poweryoga

    annnd it's back down.

    I'll try a few things to see if we can bypass the whole mess.

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  • boom

    Yeah, sucks when deibu spammers eat up all the munch-munch and leave their poo-poo all over our easy place.

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  • EasyV

    Will we ever get out of this situation I wonder...
    My attempt to do anything with the codebase (kindly given by Dosu) also ended up in complete failure as I can't even deploy it locally ;_;

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  • poweryoga

    @EasyV Because setting up danbooru by yourself requires full stack knowledge. This is webserver(apache) + the corresponding DB(posgresql) + web frontend (ror + html with erb) + linux/unix knowledge. (would be nice to know how to scripts, use cron to setup jobs, etc)

    I touch all of these in a very superficial manner at work so I'm not sure how to fix problems which would require even anything that remotely goes slightly deeper into these stacks. For example, I was trying to implement captcha, but that requires some upgrades to both ror, bundle install and some other fairly basic stuff. But I don't want to touch any of these because it either doesn't exist or we had to do some hacks to get around the existing implementation.

    I don't know what sort of dependencies on the OS they have, and we have no rollback plans for failed updates. (would have to power through the installation).

    While I could spend the time to learn + do all this, I don't have the time nor am I interested in a lot of the backend stuff so there's no motivation to learn any of this. It's probably a great project for someone interested in doing web dev, but that's not my job in trade and I'm not interested in it at all.

    So while it's possible for us to upgrade and resolve this situation as a whole (the newest danbooru repo has captcha built in) but at this point it'd be easier to spin up an updated instance of centOS (or something else) and get it working with the latest stuff and then do a migration.

    Which again, we have no resource to do. So here we are.

    Sorry for the wall of text update but I like to be crystal clear with our situation.

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  • EasyV

    @poweryoga Yeah, I'm aware of what's up.
    I know at least half of the things necessary to inspect danbooru, and in fact the problems I face are during setup while using the default installation script than in configuring the thing.
    I can follow it up logically and I believe the problems I'm facing are caused by the requirements which are too old.
    I can try using something newer, but given that the danbooru version is old if the dependency is too new it might have issues e.g. with removed features (especially ruby.)
    At this point everything can really be solved by setting up a new version of everything.
    If I'm still around in the future I wouldn't mind helping out, if it'll ever happen (maybe with different admins with the resources to work on it?)

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  • poweryoga

    You're entirely correct. Instead of trying to mix and match dependencies, the best way really is just to update to the latest. Danbooru is still being maintained as a repository, but we just don't have anybody to do the upgrade.

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  • saline

    Hello, sorry if this has been explained elsewhere, but was the recent downtime a result of the aforementioned issues?

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  • Akagi

    @poweryoga; Any possibility you could make the database public while cutting out sensitive details like passwords?

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