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Topic: How is the security of our site?

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Let the purge continue!

Would upgrading the forum help with this?

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  • poweryoga

    not counting the number of bots deleted, lets say its over 600.

    1) forums are not "upgradable". It's just part of the site.
    2) I disabled the physical sign up link so the bots are not dumb: they're either sql-injecting (bad) or just directly accessing the ruby script used to create accounts. (also bad)

    So next step is to take out the registration page altogether + disable the scripts responsible for signing up.

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  • Ruukasu

    No new bot has spawned since 47 minutes before Dosu's post. So far, so good!

    Thanks so much easy!

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  • EasyV

    It's sad that the sign up page had to be removed.
    Hopefully in a week or so it can be restored.

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  • Ruukasu

    It's only a matter of time. It also won't take long before the remaining bots stick out their uneasy heads to be weeded out now that the SQL injection(?) and/or bot generator is useless.

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  • poweryoga

    bots don't get re-used. Accounts are use-and-dispose and run on a script.

    No need to painstakingly sift through accounts and try to figure out who's who.

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