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Topic: Official SimYukkuri Thread [Current Release in OP]


I know people have complained about the stalk births being a death sentence for mother and children and complacency.

Things I found out: Stalk births are kill because the mother sleeps normally and doesn't wake up for hunger, which means, even when right next to the food, the hunger rate outstrips the sleep timing, kos die, then she dies as she takes damage.

Also, when the mother goes to a bed to stalk birth kos, she won't go eat. The process is too long, and they all starve and die. I've seen one ko make it through a bunch of stalk births--quite a few died because they themselves were too damaged from lack of food, and the fall from the stalk splatted them.

Complacency seems to start out with "=" next to it. When you greet them, it gets a "+", but nothing changes. If you greet a shithead that says you can't be trusted, it gets a "-" or a "-+", then subtracts a certain amount. Same thing with punishment. Seems like the "+" aspect isn't adding its value, despite being displayed. I'd also wager that since the "+" stays displayed after showing up once, there's some sort of hangup in the code between displaying "+", adding the value, and removing the "+". The process for the minus seems to be:

1)action received
2)"-" added
3)about a .5s delay
4)subtract the value (this is done in a "counting down" fashion rather than simply instantly changing the number)
5)"-" removed

This is for all of them, Supershits through Nice.

This is useful for coders. For players: Stalk birth is death sentence, and your yukkuri will never like you.

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