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Topic: New story on YFT! Yunyaaa~


AnonKun said:

A familiar username... it's nice to see you're doing well.

Mister must have a very good memory to remember Cirno! Unfortunately "well" is a bit of an overstatement right now. Would be nice if uneasy things stopped happening soon.

AnonKun said:

My eternal trademarks.

Long stories can take it very easy! Was mister compliment, understand easy!

AnonKun said:

If you (or anyone) wants to be Hero Proofreader for a day, all he needs to do is saying "I will" and once I'm done I'll PM the complete one via google groups.

Cirno really wants to say yes, but Cirno can't even reliably visit more than once a month... not keeping mister promise would be very uneasy! Sorry for being so busy!

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